Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Mom --- --- Attention Pig

OK, Mom.

First it was being the only mother of a performer at the Boys and Girls Club Show on April 4 to attend three times. (Attend and beg...BEG I tell you!...'not' to be introduced.
Then, later in April, it was the infamous pneumonia scare and hospital stay. Well, that faded away eventually.

Then, just a few short weeks later, she resorted to that Classic "Lady of a Certain Age" Show Stopper Attention Grabbing Stunt -
Breaking her hip!
(No shame I tell ya!)
It got so bad that Brother Chris' mother in law, Sally (god love her!) had to fake some sort of something and go to the ER to get a tiny bit of attention for herself!

So, I get a call from my brother Friday and I know it's trouble. What has she done now?

Another cliche attention getting device! A tornado in Nebraska! Oh Mom! Will it ever stop!?
Seriously, what a year for Mom! Her house had some siding ripped off when the telephone pole in the back yard was split down the middle by whatever it was. Without that there is no electricity. So Brother Chris and she had to go to the ER for her oxygen since the machine wasn't working without power. But she's fine. She's staying with her other mainstays, Cousin Nina and Gil!

Thank God! Love ya, Mom!

Chris....You're the oldest. You should have moved a long way away before I got out of college! But you stayed and you're the greatest! Thanks!


Max'sDad said...

I may be the oldest but I am definitely not the smartest. Proof positive obvious.

Project Christopher said...

She's a tough woman! I think she's met her quota of hardships this year. Now she has the rest of 08 to enjoy in peace! (crossing fingers)