Sunday, January 25, 2009

So far, 2009 has been eventful..

So much has happened to distract me from blogging. I've started many, many blogs about Mom that may be finished someday. I've started a few about President Obama but they just seem to repeat what so many others incl Brother Chris and Southern Chris have written about the hope and promise the country seems to feel. AND I refuse to write anymore about former President Bush.

Overall, I just haven't felt much like writing (or talking or working or a whole lot else...) However, this got a giggle out of me and since I haven't seen it anywhere else,

Welcome back to the Kevin Principle...


Project Christopher said...

what a HOOT! Great way to end your hiatus! Like the Obamacon too! I tried several of the pics I had of you alone at the same time I did B's but they didn't color out right.

Max's Dad said...

Famous last words but 2009 can't get any worse, can it?