Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random thoughts...

I feel the need to update the blog just because I hate to see too many days pass between them. Not because anyone is waiting for the next installment but I hate to look lazy! It's too late for running sentences together in a coherent way so here goes

1. I'm on Facebook now. And while I am tempted to write 25 random things about myself like "Jimmy Hoffa isn't buried in my back yard." or "I think toothpaste is a bad choice for personal lubricants" I'll just abstain.

2. Seeing snow through the eyes of someone who had never experienced snow falling is interesting but I still hate it.
3. My mother had WAY too many clothes.

4. So do I.

5. Is it just me or is Joe Biden getting on President Obama's nerves?

6. Grief sneaks up on you at really odd times.

7. I have some REALLY good friends and supportive family members.

8. My nephew's is a hoot.

9. There's not a better way to spend a cold night alone at home than a pint of Ben and Jerry's a watching an hour or two of guilty pleasure TV off the Tivo.

10. I think if you're dead, the Oscar should really go to someone else. I'm just saying...

11. And while I am on the Oscar subject, Marisa Tomei may not be Lawrence Olivier, or even Joan Plowright or Vivien Leigh, but the character she created in My Cousin Vinny is memorable and well done. Isn't that Oscar worthy?

Do a Mary Poppins/Mona Lisa Vito comparison for depth and nuance and see if they compare.

12. They're getting rid of Pontiac? How about still building them like Pontiacs not just as Chevys with a different badge on them. Then people might buy them!


Project Christopher said...

1. the time has passed anyway. besides, you don't want to lie about Hoffa
4. I've seen your closet... did your mom have more than you?
6. Yes it does. it will keep on too.
8. I bet he is! I want to caption this pic "Well Damn, I thought I killed all these"
9. did that last night. Cherry Garcia
11. Anyone who's biological clock is
deserves an Oscar!

Max's Dad said...

1) I'm not
3) no shit
5) looks like it
6) again no shit
8) want him?
9) sounds like my every night
10) except this year
11) she sure likes her new body parts and wants all to share
12) hey they're getting rid of PT Cruisers, that's all I care about!

Lea in SC said...

Who's glad Kevin's posting? I AM, I AM!

2. Snow is great - for a day. Then it's annoying if you aren't on vacation.
3. Your mom was surely always fashionably ready for any situation, that's why females have so many clothes.
12. Pontiac is only NOW paying up for Fieros. Ha.