Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a few random thoughts...

This is after watching CNN and MSNBC all day long...

Why are we, as a people, so belligerently uneducated? I watch the news and I wonder.

Health Care musings:

If you've ever spoken to an British Citizen or Canadian citizen and asked about their health care system, you will usually get a laugh and an eye rolling. Why? Because the American media and far right so ridiculously overstate the negatives of their system it is laughable. What is embarrassing is that most Americans (who never leave the good old USA to see the rest of the world) believe it!

I'm not saying single payer is the way to go. Nor am I saying that the current plan is the way to go. And I would never say that we have the BEST health care in the world here in the USA. All I am saying is that I think I would trust the government equally as much as I trust the insurance companies who currently make my health care decisions now. I have to fight with them, too! For some reason, I believe the insurance companies have profits as their first concern...not MY health. That's why I will say that I agree with a lot of the current proposed regulation of the current insurance run system.

Does anyone really need this?

MMMM Chocolate Covered Bacon!

California is a big state. I understand that it's hard to realize just how large it is.

Just like when you get a snowstorm back east, it sounds like life has come to a standstill
you've had bitter cold and the news makes it sound like old people are being frozen solid in mid-stride as they step out of the Piggly Wiggly with their Hamburger Helper
a tornado rips through a block of Pisgah, Iowa and it sounds as if the entire Midwest has disappeared off the map!

When there is a fire in Santa Cruz, I no more notice it than when you're in Omaha and Casper has a hailstorm.

Oh...and the same goes for an earthquake! If it's under 5.0, we all look around to see if anyone else felt it. Then we stand there to see if anyone else will dive under a desk or run for the door. When they don't, we all go back to what we were doing and start making up stories to tell you when you call us!

When I hear a proclamation about the illegals milking the system or not respecting the USA, I know that generally the speaker means anyone looking, speaking or acting Latin. They don't mean my Irish friend who was illegal and was bypassed by Immigration when he was at work so that they could arrest the Brooklyn born busboy.

As far as respecting our country, so many of our own citizens don't vote, don't understand our system of government, don't know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, think that their elected officials must vote as a reflection of the constituents views, etc. We, as Americans, show very little respect to other countries even when we visit them. We hate the French because they think they are SO great and expect us to speak French when we are there. Don't they know they owe their freedom to us? Well, are we so different? We don't learn a second language (they do), we expect visitors here to speak English, and we don't seem to remember that we owe OUR freedom to them just as much as they owe us!

Anyway, I do go on! Watch this for some neighborly respect

Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out U.S. Assholes


Max's Dad said...

Well-traveled Americans is an oxymoron. Asshole Americans is redundant. All points are true.Oh yeah and I am for a single payer system. Peace out

Just Kevin... said...

I'd agree after seeing one in action and believing that health care in a nation as wealthy as ours is a basic human right. Read the LA Times article about the free clinic they ran at the Forum in So LA. Doctors compared it to the worst of third world nations. Is that the best we can do?

Max's Dad said...

I saw the Bill Mahr show where that doctor said "I should be in Haiti or Sudan right now, not in the United States". Mahr said "why are the people who have insurance and money so angry and the people with nothing are hopeful?".Bingo