Friday, October 3, 2008

Inspiration from yesterday!

I have a whole new logic model I may use to understand the hockey moms of one of the miscreants at my school. See below:
(and, yes. I stole this from some website that I forgot but have seen it everywhere since)

And before you write, I apologize to ALL hockey moms.

This accurately charts Gov. Palin's circuitous route to winning any argument. Let's face it, she didn't do that badly. She played to the crowd who already doesn't know much in detail about the issues and thinks she's down home and "just like us". She's plays that down home role so well. She'd be fun to work with as long as that razor wit wasn't aimed at you. She'd be a hoot!

It had to get a little wearing on everyone after the third or fourth wink, however. And what does she mean giving kids extra credit!? Get government out of the schools! Lame but nevertheless her education answer was about her worst! Give them more money but isn't that the opposite of the Republican mantra?

So consider... Palin as Mayor? Yeah, though she's not that good at knowing how to plan growth in an attractive or fiscally responsible manner, administer the departments with finesse or improve a city's rep. She was a great booster for Wasilla, though...if you like anonymous big box stores.

A governor?
Well, when running it means cajoling big bucks from Washington, managing a non-diverse population, and taxing oil companies to get each resident some share of their state's wealth, she's done okay for two years even though she seems to have run it like her own personal treehouse (No Palin Haters allowed!)

President? C'mon. No. Never. Haven't we learned what a C student can do? Seriously. Not having someone with a command of the issues has really wrecked us....

We aren't having a beer with her for goodness sakes, she'd be representing us and running this country! And, shame on John McCain, the maverick, the straight talker, for not choosing someone who he knew would be good for the USA and instead pandering to the far right wing of his party.

But you know the one thing that really bothered me at last night's debate? Her greeting and asking "May I call you Joe?"

Did she really think he was that stupid?

The moment he tried to call her 'Sarah' and take her down a notch, he'd be accused of "attacking a woman!" He'd have been called every name in the book and she'd have scored big. But leave it to Joe the Shark...he called her Governor Palin! God love ya, Joe!

It reminded of a fellow Kindergarten teacher I worked with in a heavily military community. An arrogant father came to a conference. He always gave the teachers almost as much trouble as his sons did. She said, "Hello Sgt. Conrad!" He said "Hi Sharon! Call me Pat!" She stood up, looked up at him and said. "No, I'm Mrs. Penn and you're Sgt. Conrad." And that was the end of that. She had no trouble with him and very little with his sons.

Oh, and one thing I gotta give Gov. Palin...

I admire her hair much more than Sen. Biden's!


Max's Dad said...

that about sums it up as well as anybody I've read. Except for the she'd be a hoot to work with part. You have no idea how that flirting trollop makes my stomach cringe. And did you have to go there with the hair? It's like looking at every post-menopausal woman who refuses to admit her age I work with! Good job!

Just Kevin... said...

Well, I meant fun to work with in the sense of how I work with people. I see the adults for short 15 minute spurts. So, I'd hear some nasty, funny, bitchy comment outta her and as I'm walking back to my workspace I'd say "Is she a scary bitch or what?" and then not see her until the 15 minute burst the next day!

Project Christopher said...

you actually did it! :) lord. that picture LOL