Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Dad was cool...

My dad was cool. No, not because he purchased a used monstrosity of 1970 GM design like you see above.

Chris over at "As Seen from Up Here..." wrote about his experience with a slutty Chevrolet Chevette when he was in high school. Lea came out of a long hibernation to confirm the Chevette's slutty behavior in a comment, too! (Welcome back, Lea!) I think it was something in the Chevies of the 1970s. It certainly wasn't any of us.

My experience was driving a dark green 1970 Chevrolet Station Wagon through high school. I don't think I have ever shared this story with my family so fasten your blogosphere seatbelts...

I went to a high school in a well-to-do community. Not only did most of the kids seem to drive presentable cars, but a good sized group of them actually drove cars I'd still only be able to lust after in my heart. There were Camaros and Mustangs, Trans Ams and Celicas! There was also a smattering of more exotic cars... a Porsche 911, an MGB, a Triumph, a Citroen SM and a Lotus Eclat...One dad was a car collector.

So, you'd imagine that I was really mortified driving this big station wagon. Well, no...

The problem with those desirable cars was the same problem Chris had with the Chevette. No Room!! However, the wagon could easily accommodate a friend, his girlfriend and most anything they'd need to make themselves comfortable.

Friends can help friends in a number of ways. Here's the way it worked.

Around 8, I'd meet a friend and his girlfriend at a predetermined location, usually (and stupidly) close to the high school 6 blocks east of my home. We'd swap keys and determine a time to meet back up. I'd have the evening cruising the streets of Omaha in a nice Mustang or a really cool Lotus. Of course, I have no idea what they did.

So, what's all this got to do with my dad and his coolness factor?

One evening, 2 blocks into my evening of fancy car cruising,
I stopped at the light at 90th and Pacific just a few blocks from home. I think I was driving Mike's Porsche 911. My head was swimming with ideas of where I'd drive, who I might take along or something. I heard a honk and turned my head to see what fool I'd be leaving in my exhaust fumes when the light changed.

The orange Toyota beside me was no match for the Porsche. I had it made! When I met the aggressive gaze of the other driver, my Dad just nodded and turned his eyes back to the road.

I believe I chose to turn right. So clever I was!

Since there were no cell phones to frantically call Mike, I met up with him at the appointed time and spedt home. I made it in the door and crept halfway down the stairs to my basement bedroom when the door to the upstairs opened.

"I don't know why you were driving that car. I don't know where our car was. I do know you won't be able to drive any car ever again if that happens again."
And, I swear, he snickered.

Needless to say that was the end of my exotic car cruising.

My Dad was cool.

Oh, yeah...Bro? Never, ever sleep on the mattress on that fold out bed Mom has in the basement, okay?


Max's Dad said...

Wait wait wait..........so many questions
1) what kind of dope swaps a Porsche for a 1970 Chevy station wagon?
2) YOU were probably the reason our former city councilman and now worthless congressman rode his anti-cruising Dodge Street ordinance into Congress..Thanks for that
3) Did you go by the alias "Ferris Bueller" in high school?
4) How many OTHER times did you lean out the back of that wagon and get the driver a ticket?
5) And that WAS you I once saw weaving in and out of traffic like Jeff Gordon in that "furrin lookin" sports car on Pacific Street way back in 1977!!!!!!
6) How cool was Dad? Way cool indeed.

Just Kevin... said...

1) I think you know what kind of dope.
2) Trust me on this...I did not cruise Dodge Street or drive in circles anywhere.
3)I also had the master key to the high school and that fact is blog worthy as well.
5)Coulda been
6) Yup

Project Christopher said...

I never traded the 'vette for other cars. Oh there was a line around the corner for people just DYING to get in on the 'vette's coolness, but I had to keep that little grey nugget to myself.

Once I was stopped by police when I had the entire varsity cheerleading squad in my car (in uniform) because we were making a run to McDonalds. The policeman said "I should give you a ticket, but why ruin your perfect day?"
oh well...

transitiongirl2008 said...

I love car stories!! I have a "stabbin' wagon" as well (I did NOT name it) that my brother would beg for and my friends would pay for! woo hoo!

Lea in SC said...

Kevin, please please PLEEEEEEZE elaborate on having the master key to the school! Your coolness factor has just tripled in my book!!