Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've been quiet...

But I have been so torn up waiting for yesterday to happen. I was sure that the election was going to be rigged again against my side and we'd have 4 more years of the Bush years. I was sure the hatred and lies spewed by the Yes on 8 supporters would win out and discrimination was going to be written into our state constitution. Well, I was only half disappointed. However, no one can ignore the change in the way things feel with President-elect Obama's election. It's a real gift to our country, a chance to reclaim our reputation as a leader of the free world and a beacon of hope for the world. Let's hope we don't blow it.

I'm eager for the continued fight to gain my full rights as an American citizen and have Prop 8 taken down. There has been not one single argument that makes any sense at all if you know what this phrase means: All men are created equal....

Now to my election story:

I went to my polling place as identified on my election guide, waited in line for 45 minutes, got redirected to the correct polling place, walked two blocks, waited in the longer line for a bit under an hour and got to vote! Yippee!

While I was there an elderly woman (EW) came in being pushed in a wheelchair by a cute young female attendant (CYFA). The woman behind me (WBM) in line leaned down to her and started the most amusing conversation. (I kept thinking Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton bumping into each other on a street having a very similar conversation)

WBM in that "She's old so I will talk to her like she's a 5 year old" tone:

"Don't you look pretty today!"

EW with a very wry look in her eye:
" I try to look my best everyday when I get out but..."

CYFA interrupted a little too fast which made me start listening
"She's 101 and is as sharp as a tack!"

WBM still with that tone:
"You must have lived right and done all the right things to have lived that long!"

EW, less wry looking, more pissed off looking:
"I did whatever I wanted to do or whatever I thought was the right thing to do and that's how I made it to 101. Mother Teresa didn't make it to 101!"

CYFA looking a little amused and like there was a parade about to start:
"I've learned not to get into it with her. She's always got something to say!"

EW, now less pissed and more matter of fact, she turned her face toward the room of election workers and people in their booths and said in a slightly louder voice:
"I have something to say! Don't vote for that idiot John McCain. He is an idiot!"

LBM was speechless and I stifled a giggle as EW was wheeled up to the registration desk.

I loved listening to this polite, well spoken, opinionated woman not be condescended to. She reminded me of my own grandmother with her double-entendre jokes and naughty side comments she'd make to me when she knew only I could hear her.

It also reminded me of Mother Dexter from the TV show Phyllis...


Max's Dad said...

People who voted for Obama AND for Prop 8 should be ashamed of themselves. So many of those down low hypocrites came out to vote Barack and participate in self loathing at the same time. Crazy!

Project Christopher said...

Prop 8 webpage still won't call it though... they say until the final actual count is made they won't concede.... crossing fingers!

transitiongirl2008 said...

I love EW's! While working the poll on Tuesday, we have several, and to several, we had to remind them that you couldn't have political talk in the polling area. And one cute little OD (old dude) looked at me and said "if my ranting changes your mind at this point, you shouldn't have the right to vote". And then he winked at me!!

I'm glad you're half happy (?)