Saturday, May 3, 2008

First of all....

Ahhh...the luxury of flight!

If you're reading this before 3 p.m. Central time on May 3 you're in on a secret! My mom, who has been hospitalized since April 24 with pneumonia, forbade me to come back to Omaha to see her when her stay was extended beyond a week. She actually forbade me to come back just because she's in the hospital!

After all she's getting better!

So, what did I do being a reasonable adult? I was immediately on to get a flight home. Thank the great goddess of flight that the airfare was actually cheap cuz after being forbade from something I was driven to do it regardless of the price. But I am not going back because she's in the hospital! I have a completely unrelated reason that I shall share with her when I arrive in her room around 3.

So, my Continental Airlines boarding pass said to be here an hour before security even opened.
Being punctual I got here at 4:05, walked up to the security line and was told they don't open til 4:30. I asked if I could sit there and work on the Mac. They said no. I went down the escalator and sat near the bottom, plugged in and was told I had to move behind the ropes. I moved behind the ropes and while I have been sitting here about 7,000 people have gotten in line right where I sat down. I love LAX!

More from Houston. I can almost guarantee it. (Don't ask me WHY HOUSTON on the way from LA to OMAHA!? It was cheap! Sheesh! And I'd been forbidden! I was compelled to take it!)

No news from Houston except to say for an airport it is poorly signed, with bad graphics, and indifferent workers. Four of us went from the LAX flight to the Omaha flight. We were told it was at one gate but as the time approached we realized nothing was happening indicating any imminent departures. We asked, they referred us to the monitors which were not visible from where we stood. Exasperated, one of the gentlemen said to the Continental employee that even pointing us in the right direction would seem to be the least he could do. And the dope looked up, pointed and looked down. Well, we made it. 5 minutes before the plane took off. (That's 10 minutes after the point where they could have given away our seats.) But I've made it to Omaha....

More to come

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