Monday, May 5, 2008


At this point, it's early Monday morning and I did make it to Omaha. The closed TSA check in LAX, the incorrect gate in Houston and some confusion in picking me up at the airport. That last one put me at the hospital about two hours late. Luckily, no one called Mom to ask if I was here yet!

She looks good and is breathing better. They were going to let her out on Sunday but on Sunday afternoon one of her lung doctors came in and listened to her breathing.

Oh, to be back in the day...

Now, remember, they said she wasn't going home until the wheezing had stopped.
He asked if she had post nasal drip. 'No' was the answer.
Did she have allergies? Again, 'No'.
Did she have acid reflux? She takes meds but she hasn't experienced it.

He hesitated. Then said "All of those things could cause wheezing."

He stood there, looked blankly at us for about 10 seconds, said goodbye and walked out. I was afraid he was going to keep grasping for another cause of the wheezing!
Do you have a hangnail?
Did you have your hair done last Tuesday?
Did you wear patent leather maryjanes as a little girl?

So, we're thinking she's coming home today! WHOOHOO


Project Christopher said...

Mama T says "Hey Doc, keep me in a few more days. My son is here from California and I have him this LONG "To Do" list. If I can get out just as he finishes that list it would be SUPER!"

She's very happy to have you there!

MaxsDad said...

Maybe the wheezing is because she's ALLERGIC TO FLOWERS. STOP SENDING THEM!!!