Monday, May 5, 2008

She didn't say that! Oh no, she didn't!

Yes, I know she's well enough to go home. My mother has now officially gained the much-feared status of "Mother with too much time on her hands"!! That's official psychological terminology or at least it should be.

I would have led with "Mom is home!" but this prompted an immediate response. I was on the phone taking directions for her return when these words came out of her mouth:

"A man your age shouldn't get on a ladder. You might fall off and die."
I was shocked! I was offended! My male ego was bruised! What the hell did she mean by that? I know. I should be patient. And listen and ignore her. But this age thing is her big issue. She won't tell her age because of the generalizations people make, because of the way people treat you as a lesser person, etc. She's right! Ageism, like sexism or racism is just wrong even when phrased in the "I know what's better for you than you do" tone. How could I make her see she's guilty of the thing that gets her blood boiling! Hehehe Read on....
"What the hell do you mean by that?" I asked.
"Just that as you get to be your age,
[When did 'your age' become an insult? I dunno but, at 48, it has!]
you're almost 50, you need to be more careful!"

"Mom! Don't say it again!"
"But men your age..."
"Mom, it's a short drive from the door of Bergan Mercy Hosital to
Mercy Care Nursing Home where a woman your age..."

There was a short silence and we changed the subject. I picked her up at 2:00.

But before doing any of that, being who I am, I had one thing to do.

By the way, she thought this exchange was as funny as I did! I come by this sense of humor from both of my parents...

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