Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm on a roll...

How did I get around before I had the blue BMW roadster?
There were still four contacts with the ground. I was blue and speedy. I'm sure at times Mom could catch me and, at other times, she let me think I got away. But I was much too social to stay away for long and I'd be back. Vroom! Vroom!
Which makes me want to comment on a previous blog when I said how different my brother and I were. I remember that it seemed like we fought a lot but I have so many memories of laughing at things together, or plotting against my parents some way. I was better at it than he was. I knew very early if we did something wrong together to make sure I stayed as far away from him as I could! If ANYONE was going to get caught, it was him. Another thing, you know how if you have two dogs you can never tell which one chewed the couch or did his job on the floor because of "Collective" guilt. They both look guilty. My brother could look guilty of something he didn't even know had been happening, before it was even discovered even. In case you ask, that was to my advantage more than a few times. Here are pictures that show how different we could be.

At a dam on the Columbia River
My brother, just one of the guys, in his Little League T shirt.
He was a star pitcher and played on champion teams with our dad as the team coach. It was great going to the games.

But I look like I think this is some fashion shoot.
My year of Little League (Dad, bravely, was my coach , too) was famously marked by the ball going past me in left field leaving me wondering why everyone (incl. my mother in the stands) was yelling at me.

More Christmas
(It's the only time we reliably took pictures)
This is the famous "Grump" picture.
It was referred to (and still is)
whenever we'd see the mood strike
or want to comment on
his generally good nature.
The mood is NOT my fault! My parents gave me the Santa for the first picture. This was the result of that poor parenting decision.

Brother Chris has denied permission for me to use this in my blog. But, just like during our childhood, I know when I can get away with poking him a little.

And the next picture in the series has both of us smiling!

I could go on but am going to end with few other pictures.

This one is just so 1960s proper.
My mom says that she looks so unhappy but it was one of the happiest times of her life.
I had to ask if it was one of the happiest times of her life
because she'd just ordered new drapes
but she looked unhappy because
the old ones were still up in her new house?

In case that picture makes you think I had a
prim and proper upbringing,
there is this.

Someone call Child Protective Services!!


The Grump said...

You will be hearing from my attorney

Project Christopher said...

LOL! This is too funny! hey Chris, you have to allow Kevin one good zing, the younger sibs are always at the joking mercy of the older ones.

Even down to the toe point and devil-may-care toss of the coat over your shoulder. Tyra would be so pleased!